Replacement HP 709985-001 AC Adapter

  • HP 709985-001 AC Adapter
  • HP 709985-001 AC Adapter

Replacement HP 709985-001 AC Adapter

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HP 709985-001 AC Adapter Parameter
  • Products sale code: ECLHP0008K
  • Input volt: AC 100-240V (worldwide use)
  • Output volt: DC 19.5V 3.33A
  • Power: 65W
  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 3.0mm/4.5mm
  • Net weight: 320g
  • Products condition: Brand New, Replacement
  • Available: 1
HP 709985-001 AC Adapter Details
Replacement for the Products by Part No.

This OEM HP 709985-001 AC Adapter can replace your old with such Part No.:

709985-001, 709985-002, 709985-003, 710412-001, 714159-001, 714159-001, 714657-001, A065R07DL, AD9043-022G2, E3S08UA, PA-1650-34HE, PA-1650-34HE, PPP009C, PPP009D, PPP009L-E, ...ect.

Replacement for the Products By Model:

This OEM HP 709985-001 AC Adapter can replace your old with Model:

Envy 14-k001tx, Envy 14-k001xx, Envy 14-K002LA, Envy 14-k002tx, Envy 14-k004tx, Envy 14-k005tx, Envy 14-K008TX, Envy 14-K009TU, Envy 14-k010us, Envy 17-j000, Envy 17-j001tx, Envy 17-j004tx, Envy 17-j005eo, Envy 17-j005tx, Envy 17-j008eo, Envy 17-j011nr, Envy 17-j013cl, Envy 17-j021nr, Envy 17-j027cl, Envy 17-j051ei, Envy 17-j082eg, Envy 17t-j000, ENVY 20-k001la, ENVY M6-K010DX SLEEKBOOK, ENVY M6-K088CA SLEEKBOOK, ENVY QUAD 17T-J000 NOTEBOOK PC, ENVY Rove 20-k001TU Mobile AIO PC, ENVY Rove 20-k003TU Mobile AIO PC, ENVY Rove 20-k004TU, ENVY ROVE 20-K014CA MOBILE ALL-IN-ONE PC, ENVY ROVE 20-K014US MOBILE ALL-IN-ONE PC, Envy TouchSmart 14 Sleekbook, Envy TouchSmart 14-k001tx, Envy TouchSmart 14-k002tx, Envy TouchSmart 14-k024tx, Envy TouchSmart 14-k025tx, Envy TouchSmart 14-k028tx, Envy TouchSmart 14-k029tx, Envy TouchSmart 14-k030tx, Envy TouchSmart 14-k031tx, Envy TouchSmart 14t-k000, Envy TouchSmart 14t-k100, Pavilion 14-e000, Pavilion 14-e003tu, Pavilion 14-e004tu, Pavilion 14-e004tx, Pavilion 14-e005tu, Pavilion 14-e005tx, Pavilion 14-e006tx, Pavilion 14-e007tx, Pavilion 14-e008tu, Pavilion 14-e008tx, Pavilion 14-e009tu, Pavilion 14-e009tx, Pavilion 14-e010la, Pavilion 14-e010tu, Pavilion 14-e011tx, Pavilion 14-e012la, Pavilion 14-e014la, Pavilion 14-e015tx, Pavilion 14-e016la, Pavilion 14-e016tx, Pavilion 14-e017tx, Pavilion 14-e018tx, Pavilion 14-e019tx, Pavilion 14-e020tx, Pavilion 14-e021tx, Pavilion 14-e022tx, Pavilion 14-e023tx, Pavilion 14-e024tx, Pavilion 14-k001tx, Pavilion 14-k002tx, Pavilion 14-K004TX, Pavilion 14-K010LA, Pavilion 14-K010TU, Pavilion 14-K020US, Pavilion 14-k024tx, Pavilion 14-k025tx, Pavilion 14-k028TX, Pavilion 14-k029TX, Pavilion 14-k030tx, Pavilion 14-k047TX, Pavilion 15-e000eia, Pavilion 15-e000si, Pavilion 15-e000sia, Pavilion 15-e000sk, Pavilion 15-e000sr, Pavilion 15-e000sx, Pavilion 15-e001au, Pavilion 15-e001tx, Pavilion 15-e002se, Pavilion 15-e002sia, Pavilion 15-e002sr, Pavilion 15-e002tx, Pavilion 15-e003ax, Pavilion 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Pavilion 15-e013nr, Pavilion 15-e013sa, Pavilion 15-e013tx, Pavilion 15-e014nr, Pavilion 15-e014so, Pavilion 15-e014tx, Pavilion 15-e015eia, Pavilion 15-e015nr, Pavilion 15-e015sia, Pavilion 15-e015tx, Pavilion 15-e016tx, Pavilion 15-e017ax, Pavilion 15-e017tx, Pavilion 15-e018ax, Pavilion 15-e018la, Pavilion 15-e018nr, Pavilion 15-e018sx, Pavilion 15-e018tx, Pavilion 15-e019ax, Pavilion 15-e019sx, Pavilion 15-e019tx, Pavilion 15-e020nr, Pavilion 15-e020sx, Pavilion 15-e020tx, Pavilion 15-e020us , Pavilion 15-e021el, Pavilion 15-e021nr, Pavilion 15-e021ss, Pavilion 15-e021sx, Pavilion 15-e022ax, Pavilion 15-e022tx, Pavilion 15-e023sx, Pavilion 15-e023tu, Pavilion 15-e025sx, Pavilion 15-e025tu, Pavilion 15-e025tx, Pavilion 15-e026sr, Pavilion 15-e026sx, Pavilion 15-e026tx, Pavilion 15-e027ca, Pavilion 15-e027cl, Pavilion 15-e028sx, Pavilion 15-e028tx, Pavilion 15-e028us, Pavilion 15-e029tx, Pavilion 15-e030ea, Pavilion 15-e030sc, Pavilion 15-e030so, Pavilion 15-e030sz, Pavilion 15-e030tx, Pavilion 15-e031ss, Pavilion 15-e031tx, Pavilion 15-e032tx, Pavilion 15-e033ca, Pavilion 15-e033ss, Pavilion 15-e033sx, Pavilion 15-e033tx, Pavilion 15-e035sx, Pavilion 15-e035tx, Pavilion 15-e036sc, Pavilion 15-e036sx, Pavilion 15-e037cl, Pavilion 15-e038sx, Pavilion 15-e039sc, Pavilion 15-e039tx, Pavilion 15-e040ca, Pavilion 15-e040so, Pavilion 15-e041ca, Pavilion 15-e041tx, Pavilion 15-e042sf, Pavilion 15-e042tx, Pavilion 15-e043cl, Pavilion 15-e044sf, Pavilion 15-e044tx, Pavilion 15-e045sx, Pavilion 15-e045tx, Pavilion 15-e046tx, Pavilion 15-e046x, Pavilion 15-e047sx, Pavilion 15-e049sf, Pavilion 15-e050sf, Pavilion 15-e050sg, Pavilion 15-e050sr, Pavilion 15-e051eia, Pavilion 15-e051sia, Pavilion 15-e051sr, Pavilion 15-e051sx, Pavilion 15-e051xx, Pavilion 15-e052sr, Pavilion 15-e052sv, Pavilion 15-e053ca, Pavilion 15-e053sa, Pavilion 15-e053sr, Pavilion 15-e054se, Pavilion 15-e054st, Pavilion 15-e055eia, Pavilion 15-e055se, Pavilion 15-e055sia, Pavilion 15-e055so, 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