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Replacement ICOM BP-232 Batteries

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ICOM BP-232 Batteries Parameter
  • Products sale code: ETIC0001K
  • Capacity: 2200mAh
  • Cell type: Lithium-ion
  • Voltage: 7.4V
  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 91x56x21mm
  • Net weight: 150g
  • Products condition: Brand New, Replacement
  • Uk price: 49.43
  • Available: 1
ICOM BP-232 Batteries Details
Replacement for the Products by Part No.

This OEM ICOM BP-232 Batteries can replace your old ICOM 2 Way Radio Batteries with such Part No.:

BP-230, BP-230N, BP-231, BP-231N, BP-232, BP-232N, ...ect.

Replacement for the Products By Model:

This OEM ICOM BP-232 Batteries can replace your old ICOM 2 Way Radio Batteries with Model:

IC-A14, IC-A14S, IC-F14, IC-F14S, IC-F15, IC-F15S, IC-F16, IC-F16S, IC-F24, IC-F24S, IC-F25, IC-F25S, IC-F25SR, IC-F26, IC-F26S, IC-F3021, IC-F3021S, IC-F3021T, IC-F3022, IC-F3022S, IC-F3022T, IC-F3023, IC-F3023S, IC-F3023T, IC-F3061, IC-F3061S, IC-F3061T, IC-F3062, IC-F3062S, IC-F3062T, IC-F3063, IC-F3063S, IC-F3063T, IC-F3161, IC-F3161DS, IC-F3161DT, IC-F3161S, IC-F3161T, IC-F3162, IC-F3162S, IC-F3162T, IC-F3163, IC-F3163S, IC-F3163T, IC-F33, IC-F33G, IC-F33GS, IC-F33GT, IC-F34, IC-F34G, IC-F34GS, IC-F34GT, IC-F4021, IC-F4021S, IC-F4021T, IC-F4022, IC-F4022S, IC-F4022T, IC-F4023, IC-F4023S, IC-F4023T, IC-F4029SDR, IC-F4061S, IC-F4061T, IC-F4062S, IC-F4062T, IC-F4063, IC-F4063S, IC-F4063T, IC-F4161, IC-F4161DS, IC-F4161DT, IC-F4161S, IC-F4161T, IC-F4162, IC-F4162S, IC-F4162T, IC-F4163, IC-F4163S, IC-F4163T, IC-F43, IC-F43G, IC-F43GS, IC-F43GT, IC-F43RT, IC-F43TR, IC-F44, IC-F44G, IC-F44GS, IC-F44GS, IC-F44GT, ...ect.

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How to choose replacement ICOM BP-232 Batteries for Your Walkie-Talkie:
  • Check the ICOM BP-232 Batteries shape.
  • Check the connection of the ICOM BP-232 Batteries .
  • Check the Part No. and Voltage of the ICOM BP-232 Batteries.
  • Notice: Please make sure that your Walkie-Talkie PART No. Or Radio MODEL is listed on the COMPATIBILITY list of our ICOM BP-232 Batteries. If you're not sure about if the battery can fit for your Walkie-Talkie, please inqure us.